• Can I have a discount for buying multiple wands?

     Yes! Wand that are sold in packs are already steeply discounted. If you want to buy multiples of a wand that is unique or sold one at a time, feel free to message us to see if a discount is possible. GracieBelleMagic@gmail.com 

  • How long will it take to get my wands? 

      It will always be processing time+shipping time. Processing time is the time it takes to create the wands and get them organized and ready to ship. Wands that are already made will ship in 1 to 3 days. Made to order wands will vary in the time that they are ready to ship. Please message us with any questions about when your order will be ready. 

      If you are purchasing multiple items from my shop please keep in mind that processing time before shipping varies by wand type, and all wands get shipped together. Your order will ship according to the item with the longest processing time.

  • Who makes the wands? 

      All of the wands in our shop are made by Gracie herself. Gracie lives in West St. Paul, Minnesota with her loving partner Andrew and their dog, Geordi. The wands truly are one of a kind, never mass produced, always made with creativity and care. 

  • How strong are they? Are they fragile? 

     According to customers and my own experience you can play with them, drop them, keep them in a purse/bag. Because it is wood, if you sit on it, fall on it, keep it in your pocket, or try to snap it, it may break. The larger and thicker the wand is, the less likely it is to break. 

  • What can I use these for? 

      Happy customers have purchased GracieBelleMagic wands for Halloween costumes, party favors, home decor, trivia prizes, wedding accessories, theater props, and gifts for children. One customer used them as home decor for their bathroom. 

  • I'm worried my wand(s) will break in transit. How do you ship these?

     Orders are wrapped in tissue and shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes or boxes to ensure their safety. 



      Please email us immediately. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Do not hesitate to contact with any question or concern you may have.