Living Portraits

You've either seen the Harry Potter movies or you've been living under a rock. So you probably know about the living portraits that line the halls of Hogwarts, and you probably know that all photographs, paintings, and images of people are animated and virtually sentient.

This weekend I had the privilege of designing some frames for the purpose of creating living portraits as part of a wizard themed pub crawl. People will choose their frame, stand behind it, and then have a short video taken of them and sent to them. It's a super cool idea and I'm having a blast upcycling some picture frames that the creative director of the group that's putting on the crawl brought over to my house. So far one is finished. Try and guess which house it was inspired by...

First I made some feathers out of polymer clay, painted them bronze and painted the frame a gorgeous blue. Then I affixed the feathers to the frame with hot glue. I'm quite happy with how it turned out!

 UPDATE: All the frames are finished now! I went back and decided that the Ravenclaw inspired frame needed more detail.


Here are some more pictures of the other frames: