Olivander's Wand Case

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Probably my most common purchase is from a mom or a dad who is throwing a Harry Potter themed birthday party. Harry Potter is probably one of the most popular brands on the planet but they are looking for something unique and handmade by a boutique crafter to make their child's birthday Harry Potter themed, but not cookie-cutter. 

I get a lot of positive feedback from customers telling me how much kids liked the wands but the other week a customer showed me by sending me a picture of what she did with my wands that took them to the next level!

She framed a quote from Olivander (the wand maker in Harry Potter) and set up an antique looking case, with each wand individually tagged. I found it super impressive and adorable and it made me so happy to see my wands featured in such a cool, whimsical way!

I'm so grateful that this customer sent me this picture and gave me permission to share it!