A Very One of a Kind Wand


One of our favorite things to do at GracieBelleMagic is to build a custom wand with a customer from start to finish.

It was really fun making this particular wand. There was A LOT of thought that went into this wand and the customer knew exactly what they wanted and were awesome to work with. There were several Harry Potter houses that served as inspiration (Ravenclaw and Gryffindor if you can't tell), and the customer even knew the exact length they wanted for their new wand: 14.5 inches. 

Here is the sketch we provided before starting work on the wand: 

And here is how it turned out: 

The customer not only left us a review but personally messaged us to tell us how much they loved the wand: "OMG I just picked it up and I love it, thank you thank you thank you so much for everything". 

When asked if we could share those words for our blog, we were told we sure could as long as we let people know it was a custom wand and could not be duplicated!

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